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Blinkers, Cyclingworld, Cyclingworld Düsseldorf, Fahrradmesse
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The future of mobility is autonomous driving and V2V communication. And in this age of technology, where are the advances that should be making bicycles safer?

Cyclists are the most vulnerable road users: two wheels to balance, no chassis to protect us and no devices to communicate with other vehicles.

As cyclists, we find ourselves in many risky situations while riding in the city: other vehicles don’t respect our space, or don’t understand our intentions, and we feel it’s unfair that we are not seen as a natural part of the road.


We want to improve safety on bikes, by building the next generation of bike lights.

It’s not about making them more powerful, but about adding a comprehensive set of safety functionalities, including smart lights, turning indicators, a brake light and a laser safety perimeter.

With these features, cyclists are more respected, more visible and more predictable.


Blinkers auf der Cyclingworld Düsseldorf


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